Roof Replacement / Second Story Addition -

During the summer of 2001, Stewart Barker-Builder took on

a major renovation project for a homeowner in Peru, VT.

The problem : Originally built as a modular home, the roof pitch, a poor visual fit to the building, was far too shallow for VT winters, allowing snow buildup. In addition, the two halves of the roof were misaligned, allowing air, water and snow infiltration. Poor flashing around the chimney had allowed roof decking and trim to rot.

The solution : Remove and replace the original roof with a custom designed truss roof, allowing for the addition of a second story without modifying the footprint of the building. Cover with low maintenance metal roofing.

Step 1 -

Extend the existing chimney upward to allow for proper drafting when the new structure is complete. Remove the vinyl soffit and siding as required. Remove the existing fiberglass roof shingles, decking and trusses. In addition, a new stairway is constructed, leading up to the second story from just inside the front door.

Step 2 -

With the original roof removed, the new trusses are craned into position, aligned and then secured to the building.

Step 3 -

With the new trusses in place, the new 5/8" plywood decking and clips (an upgrade from the original roof's 1/2" plywood) are installed. During construction, the building is tarped at the end of each day to ensure that the structure remains dry.

Steps 4 & 5 -

Once the plywood is on, tarpaper underlayment is installed to keep the decking dry and serve as a damp-proofing layer before the new metal roofing is installed. After the tarpaper come the 'crickets' over the front and rear doors, to divert rain and snow away from the entryways.

Step 6 :

The skylights and metal roofing have been installed. Work begins on both the gable ends, the interior plywood floor is installed, insulation is put into place and the interior framing for the 2nd story interior rooms begins.

Step 7 :

The interior of the two new upstairs rooms. As part of the original plan, the homeowner elected to complete the finish work (drywall, trim, etc.) on the rooms themselves to reduce the overall cost.

Front and rear views of the finished project. Exterior trim work has been completed, vinyl siding and soffit reinstalled.
Result :

A problem roof has been replaced with a handsome and low upkeep metal roof. In addition to enhancing the building's structure and appearance, significant living space has been added and maintenance issues, like snow removal, have been eliminated.


What did the owners have to say?

"It was nice to see the skill and dedication that you and your crew showed in doing the job right."


Vickie, Stewart, and Neal Beattie



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